At the Drexina Nelson Salon, our style team has been handpicked by fashion and beauty photographer Drexina Nelson. Drexina has worked within the beauty industry from the early age of 12, and knows what it takes to be a success overall in this business even though her journey did not stop at hair or makeup. Her strategy is to hire those looking to take their career to the next level. She wants people who are interested in coming out from behind the chair and becoming the superstar stylist that they were created to be! It takes a very dedicated, diligent, focused and creative talent to be a part of the Drexina Nelson Salon team as our goal is not to be the ordinary hair salon.. Its to be an extraordinary team of hair professionals that continues to grow!

We have such a fabulous team here at Drexina Nelson Salon. Click the image to read each stylist bios as well as what their specialties are.